Enable Tracking Protection in Private Windows of Firefox Browser

The tracking protection feature is available in the Firefox browser for some time now. What this feature does when enabled is that it stops the know web trackers from loading in the websites that you visit. But until now this feature was available only for the regular web browser windows of Firefox, but starting with the version 42 of Firefox the tracking protection can now be enabled for the private windows too. And it makes sense too – when you are browsing in the private mode in Firefox, you want to keep your activities private then why not turn off the trackers too?

You can easily enable or disable the tracking protection for the private windows in Firefox. One way to enable tracking protection is to open a private window in Firefox and it will show you a message about enabling the tracking protection. By clicking on the Turn Tracking Protection On, you can enable this for private windows.

Firefox Tracking Protection

Another way is through the Firefox options. In order to open the Firefox options, click on the hamburger icon on the top-left and select Options from the drop-down menu. Then choose the Privacy section in the Firefox options and select the option under “Tracking” labeled Enable tracking protection in private windows.

Firefox Tracking Protection

When this setting is enable and you are surfing the web using the private windows in Firefox, you would see a shield icon in the address bar before the domain name to show you that some of the web trackers are being blocked. You can click on this shield icon to see an option that allows you to disable the tracking protection for that private browsing session. You can do this by clicking on the Disable protection for this session.

Firefox Tracking Protection

With the tracking protection enabled for the private windows in Firefox, now the private mode browsing has become much more private and free from the various trackers that could have exposed your web browsing behavior other wise.


  1. Mine doesn’t have that option in 41.0.2. Guess will have to wait for another update. Ho Hum

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