Configure Doze with Naptime in Android Marshmallow

One of the benefits of buying a Google Nexus phone is that you receive the free updates to the latest version of Android before anyone else in the world. You have to spend a little extra money in the beginning but you keep receiving the updates regularly. While many of the device manufacturers are still struggling with releasing the Lollipop updates, Google has already released the latest Android Marshmallow images for the Nexus smart-phones. Anybody who owns a Nexus device can visit Google Nexus factory images webpage and download the Marshmallow image for their version of Nexus. Installation instructions are also provided by Google on the same very page.

One of the new features that come with Android Marshmallow is the Doze feature which allows battery of your device to last longer by reducing the power consumption when the phone is not idle and is not being used. Doze uses a multitude of factors to determine if your device is idle and whether to reduce the battery consumption. If you want a little bit more control over how Doze works, then you can use the Naptime app for Android which works only in Marshmallow (because Doze is available only in Marshmallow).

Naptime Android Marshmallow

The Naptime app allows you to change the different values for time timeout periods related to different things that could mean that phone is idle. For example, you can choose inactive timeout, sensing timeout, location accuracy, idle pending timeout and many other types of timeouts. If you do not know what a certain type of timeout does then you can tap on the small information icon next to it to see the full description related to that timeout.

Conclusion: Naptime gives you the power to control how the Doze feature saves the battery consumption in Android Marshamallow. Even though it requires root, it can help you make the most of your Android phone’s battery life.

You can get the Naptime app from