Find Active Hazards All Around the World with Disaster Alert for Android

We live in our comfortable homes and work in safe offices and slowly we tend to forget how hazardous this planet actually is. We are living on a planet that is always threatened by so many natural calamities every single day – fires, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, tsunamis, avalanches and more. Some of these like earthquakes cannot be even predicted in time, but some others can be predicted to a acceptable degree of accuracy. A very simple way to protect ourselves from these hazards is to stay alerted about them and avoid the hazardous places. A free app called Disaster Alert can help you know about the current alerts about the events that could prove to be hazardous to people, assets and property.

Disaster Alert app is available both for the Android and iOS platforms. It opens up with a world map interface that you can zoom in using the pinch gestures on your smartphone. The map shows all kinds of events pin-pointed to various locations all around the world. You can touch any of these hazardous events displayed on the map to see more details about them.

Disaster Alert App

If you do not like the map view, then you can easily switch it into the list view mode. Just like in the list view mode, you can touch any of the events to see more information. In the more information view, you can see the brief summary of the event, area brief, layers, general overview etc.

Disaster Alert App

Conclusion: The Disaster Alert app accesses the DisasterAWARE platform provided by Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) and supplies users with near real-time access to the data on active hazards across the world. It displays events that are designated potentially hazardous to people, property or other assets. Disaster Alert makes complex technical and scientific information easy to understand to the laymen.

You can download the Disaster Alert App from