Puzzle Alarm Clock Intends to Fully Wake You Up Every Morning

This is an ages old problem – you set up an alarm to wake up in the morning for some important meeting, but when the alarm goes off, you are still half asleep, turn off the alarm and go right back to sleep. This is why some of the digital alarm clocks now have a snooze button – to give you a little more sleep before you finally wake up. But the Puzzle Alarm Clock for Android goes one step further to make sure that you are fully and completely awake – it asks you to solve one or more puzzles. Since only a fully awake person can solve the puzzles, you can turn off the alarm only when you are fully waken up.

This might sound like a torture in the beginning and can make you very very angry (not really a good way to start the day), but it gets the job done. You may actually begin to enjoy the morning puzzles after a while. In order to set the puzzles with the alarm in the Puzzle Alarm Clock app, you have to open any of the set alarm’s settings and go to the Dismiss Mode section.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

In this section, you can set the dismiss mode to normal, QR, puzzle or shake. The Puzzle mode allows you to set five different types of puzzles that must be solved before it will allow you to turn the alarm off. The puzzle types are colors & shapes, simple math’s equations, memory cards, captcha, and re-arrangement of pictures stored in your mobile phone.

When the time comes, these puzzles are displayed on the entire screen covering everything and you are allows to pass through only when you are able to solve these puzzles. You can customize which of these puzzles are to be used and  how many puzzles are to be used every time an alarm is sounded.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

Conclusion: Puzzle Alarm Clock for Android is for those heavy sleepers who would otherwise just brush the alarm clock aside and go back to the sleep. Puzzle Alarm Clock does not let you turn it off, until your head is clear and you are in full possession of all of your senses.

You can download the Puzzle Alarm Clock for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wroclawstudio.puzzlealarmclock.