FlicFlac Audio Converter : Fast Conversion Across MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, APE

In the late 90’s, MP3 audio files were a big craze. Everyone was converting their audio collection to MP3 files. The reason for the popularity of MP3 file format was that it compresses the audio into a small file while preserving the quality to a certain agreeable degree. The storage space was expensive and nobody minded a little sacrifice on the quality. People could store their entire music collection in one hard disk drive. But now times have changed. Storage space has now become considerably cheaper and now people have started to demand a better quality of music. Now people no longer want small MP3 files, they are now preferring FLAC files that offer larger file size but also a higher quality of sound.

If you have ripped an audio CD and now have all the audio tracks in war WAV audio format, then you can choose to convert them into FLAC file format using the free FlicFlac Audio Converter. It also lets you convert audio files across various other formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, APE etc.

FlicFlac Audio Converter

FlicFlac Audio Converter is a small portable application for Windows. It offers drag-n-drop functionality in the small GUI window. You have to first choose the target file format by clicking on one of the buttons – “to FLAC”, “to WAV”, “to MP3” etc. And then you can just drag-n-drop the source audio files on the small window. It quickly converts the files to selected format while displaying the progress for all the individual files.

FlicFlac Audio Converter

In the settings, that you can access by clicking on the small settings icon, you can choose the conversion settings for MP3 file conversion like the VBR options and the quality bit rate. You can also integrate FlicFlac Audio Converter in the File Explorer Shell so that you can convert files just by right-clicking on them.

Verdict: FlicFlac Audio Converter is small and fast audio converter that can perform the file format conversion across all the popular audio formats. It is a must to have utility for all the music lovers.

You can download FlicFlac Audio Converter from http://sector-seven.net/software/flicflac.