MailWasher for Android Stops Spam Email Messages

You know you have got spam when you sit down to have a bite at that expensive Italian restaurant where you always wanted to go but your budget never permitted to and you get an email message in your smart-phone which looks important but is a ploy to sell you something unwarranted or trick you into some sort of phishing scam. Nobody likes spam and if you do not like it either than you can shield yourself with a simple Android app called MailWasher. This app can identify the spam and scam related email messages and allows you to get rid of them in a very easy manner.

MailWasher is not a plugin for other email client apps for Android. In fact, it is a full blown email client app itself. Like any other email client, you have to add the email accounts to MailWasher before it can detect and remove the spam messages. MailWasher supports both the POP3 and IMAP email accounts. And if your email provider does not support any of these email access methods, then you cannot use that email account. It can automatically add all the necessary information for the popular email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.


Once at least one of your email accounts has been added to the MailWasher app, you are ready to scan for spam and scam messages. It automatically labels all the spam messages with red color and marks them for deletion. You can go through the list and select or de-select which messages are to be deleted. Then touching on the Wash button will clean off your inbox and remove all the spam messages in a few seconds.


In the settings, you can add even more email accounts and create white lists (friends lists email messages from which are never taken as spam), black lists (email messages from which are always marked as spam) etc. You can also choose the display type from compact, cozy or comfortable.

You can get the MailWasher app for Android from