GameGain Boosts PC Performance for Playing Games Smoother

In this festive season, you must have received one or two gifts containing PC games and if you have not, then perhaps you will. Personally, I am looking for the new Need for Speed game to come to the stores so I can purchase it and have hours of fun. Even though I have Sony PlayStation, I enjoy some of the games on my PC too. And when it comes to playing games on PC, we must have every ounce of the PC power available for the games for playing these games smoother. You can do this by using a simple tool called GameGain that optimizes your PC settings to boost its performance.

GameGain offers a very simple to understand user interface. It automatically selected your OS version and the CPU for you, but you can choose an version of Windows from the drop-down menu, in case it does not detect the Windows version correctly. After that, you can choose an optimization level from the slider. There are only two optimization level settings – Boost and Maximum Boost. The latter seems to really make your PC work at the maximum power usage level. Now you can click on the Optimize button and it will perform some optimizations. The changes do not take effect until the Windows is restarted.


Once you have enjoyed playing your games and want to revert back to the original settings for your PC, then you can launch GameGain once again and click on the Restore button. This will restore your PC back to the non-game mode and you can go about using your PC like you used it before.

Conclusion: GameGain can squeeze every ounce of your PC power to make it work faster and smoother for making the gaming experience on your PC a little better.

You can download GameGain from