Root Genius Offers Easy Way to Root Android Devices

Root user or the super user on the Android operating system has access to all the system files and settings that Android has to offer. It is similar to the administrator user in Windows computers. Many owners of the Android smart-phones choose to enable this root user (or the super user) through a process called “rooting the phone” to use the otherwise inaccessible features and make system level changes. For example, after rooting an Android phone, you can flash a new ROM, remove the bloatware installed by the manufacturer and more.

If you have a Windows PC, a USB data cable, then you can easily proceed to root your phone with the help of Root Genius. Here is how:

  1. Enable the developer options in Android and enable the USB debugging within the developer options. You can learn how to enable developer options in Android from one of our previous articles.
  2. Connect the phone with the PC using a USB data cable.Root Genius
  3. Launch Root Genius and it will detect your phone. If you see some USB debugging request on your mobile phone, then allow the debugging. Then click on the big Root button in Root Genius window to start rooting the phone.
  4. It will copy some files in your phone along with an app called KingRoot. In the end, you would see the congratulations message about the root status of your phone.Root Genius

Some anti-virus products might find the KingRoot app as a malware, but it is because rooting a phone puts it under risk. You can also install other apps like Superuser or SuperSu to control the root status of your phone.

You can download the Root Genius software from SoftPedia.