Gridy Creates Invisible Grid on Windows Desktop

Those who have worked with graphics software like GIMP and Photoshop or CAD software like AutoCAD, they know what grid does and how useful it is to align objects on the canvas. If you want to have the same neat and clean arrangement for various windows and other things in your Windows PC, then you can use the free software called Gridy. It is a small portable software that adds an invisible layer of grids all over the Windows desktop. When you move a window around on your PC’s screen, it snaps to these invisible grid lines and gives you an easy way to precisely control the size and location of the various open windows.

Gridy’s invisible grid works no matter how you move or resize the windows – with your mouse or with your keyboard. It places an icon in the notification area as soon as you launch the Gridy application. You can double-click on this icon to open a small help window. If you right-click on this icon, then you can change some of the options quickly through the menu that shows up.


The small help window (the one that opens up when you double-click on the Gridy notification area icon), displays some of the hotkeys and mouse actions and what these do in brief. For example, if you Win+F10 hotkey can change the transparency of the active window while Win+Esc hotkey can close Gridy program altogether.


The right-click menu (that appears when you right-click on the Gridy notification area icon), helps you quickly change some of the options for Gridy that would otherwise need editing of the Gridy.ini files. For example, you can change the transparency level, x-grid size, y-grid size, edge behavior, and various preset hotkeys through this right-click menu.


Conclusion: Gridy can help you arrange all the open windows neatly in order by snapping them to an invisible grid as you move or resize them. Snapping works with both the mouse and the keyboard arrow keys.

You can download Gridy from