Highlight and Share Text on Websites with Highly for Chrome

In today’s busy life, not everyone has time to read a real newspaper early in the morning. But I try to skim through two or three online newspapers while enjoying my super hot coffee in the morning. And sometimes when I find an article or advertisement in the newspaper that makes you go zing for a moment, I usually share it with friends over the social networks. But I have to mention every time what to look for in the shared article and why I shared this. The free Chrome extension called Highly can make things a little easier and clearer by allowing you to highlight interesting parts of text on a web page and then share it over social networks.

Highly is available for Chrome as an extension and for iPhone as an app. It is also going to be made available for other platforms in the future. After installation in the Chrome browser, you can see the red exclamation mark icon in the toolbar. You can activate highly either by clicking on this exclamation mark icon button or by pressing the exclamation mark key on your keyboard.

Highly Extension for Chrome

After this you can go ahead and select one or more lines of text from the currently open web page. The highlighter color is light red clay color. Your highlights are saved across various browser sessions, so when you access the same web page later, the highlighted text would still be there. To share the highlights, you can click on the upload button which brings up a new screen from where you can choose to share it over facebook, twitter, pinterest, email or others.

Highly Extension for Chrome

Conclusion: Highly extension for Chrome allows you to save web page text highlighted sections across multiple web browser sessions. In addition, you can also share these highlights over the social networking sites.

You can get the Highly extension for Chrome from https://www.highly.co/.