Share PowerPoint on Social Networks with Microsoft’s Social Plugin

A few years ago, I took part in a local campaign to raise awareness about the Chikungunya virus and ways to avoid getting infected with it. Our team of five people created an impressive power point slide show showing the information about Chikungunya virus, infection, prevention and management etc. But at the time, we had problem spreading this slide show around over the various social networks. Thanks to Microsoft, now they have created a new Microsoft PowerPoint plugin called Social plugin using which you can share your slideshow in form of a picture or video over facebook or twitter. It can also upload your PowerPoint presentation to your OneDrive account and share its links over these social networks.

You begin by running the setup file downloaded from the Microsoft website. The setup file downloaded is just a stub and may further download the Visual Studio Runtimes and the plugin files from the internet. The setup may also fail at different steps, but you can re-run it to finish the installation.

Microsoft PowerPoint Social Share Plugin

Once all the setup steps are completed, you can launch Microsoft PowerPoint and you would see a new tab in the ribbon bar labeled Social Share. When you switch to this Social Share tab, you can use the different buttons to share your slide show over social networks. You can share the presentation in form of images, albums or videos on facebook, or twitter. You can also see the social network activity about your shares right inside the PowerPoint window when you select View from this Social Share tab.

Microsoft PowerPoint Social Share Plugin

Conclusion: The Social Share plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint makes it very easy to share your PowerPoint slideshows over the social networking sites in more than one formats – images, albums or videos. You can even share the Microsoft OneDrive links to your social networking circles.

You can download Social Plugin for PowerPoint from