Keep Desktop Wallpapers Changing with Spews for Windows

The first thing that anybody notices in your Windows PC is the desktop background image used. So if you want to make an impression on your computer buddies then the first place to start is the desktop background. And then the next thing is obviously using some nifty program to change the desktop wallpapers automatically for you. This is even more groovy to see the Windows desktop backgrounds change as you work with some other things on your PC. For all of these needs, you can use the free Spews software for Windows.

The Spews software is an automatic wallpaper changes for Windows and works for all the versions of Windows including Windows 10. Spews is a portable program, so all you have to do is launch it, set the folder containing the wallpapers images and it will be ready to go. You can also customize it further, for example, you can specify settings to change the wallpaper style, wallpaper changing frequency, set it to run automatically with Windows, assign hotkeys for various actions, set programs for which wallpapers do not have to be changed and more.

Spews Wallpaper Changer

By default the wallpapers are set to change every 5 minutes, so as soon as you click on the button labeled Start wallpaper changing, it gets to work and start to switch wallpapers like clockwork. But that’s not all. If you do not like a wallpaper and want to switch to the next one in your images folder, then you can right-click on the Spews notification area icon and choose to switch to the previous or the next images.

Spews Wallpaper Changer

Conclusion: Spews is small and portable program for Windows that promises to bring some wallpaper fun in your otherwise dull Windows PC. It is very smart in the sense that it does not change the wallpaper when you are working on with some important program.

You can download the Spews wallpaper changer from