Turn Phone into Boom Box with Equalizer and Bass Booster for Android

Have you ever envied those cool looking guys carrying their boom boxes on their shoulders when they go to beach or some other fun places? Yes, music sounds much better on a boom box and if you cannot afford money to invest in one then you can turn your smart-phone into a boom box (kind of) using a free app called Equalizer and Bass Booster for Android. This small app works better with smart-phones having dual speakers for stereo sound output or when connected to some good quality headphones or external speakers (Sennheiser comes to my mind). But you can actually use it with almost any Android phone invariably without any problems.

The app presents with an unusual interface – it does not cover the entire screen, but only a portion of it leaving everything behind it visible. Perhaps this makes it easier to work with the bass settings when you are selecting music in a media player app. The interface shows you the volume knob and a play button that can be used to start playing the music using the default music player app in your phone.

Equalizer and Bass Booster for Android

You can touch the small equalizer button near the top-left corner of the app to view more settings like the bass boost level and the virtualizer level. You can also choose one of the equalizer presets if you want. However, the app also allows you to customize the equalizer settings for yourself.

In the settings for the app, you can choose the options for notifications, for using phone vibration when volume or bass is changed, and whether to show the equalizer or volume screen when the app is launched.

Equalizer and Bass Booster for Android

I used this app on my Android phone when listening to the song “Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King” through my Sennheiser HD-203 headphones and the result was totally mind blowing. I enjoyed it so much that, in fact, I am still listening to the song while writing this down.

You can get the Equalizer and Bass Booster app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=music.bassbooster.equalizer.