New Tab by Yahoo Brings Beautiful New Tab Interface for Firefox

When you open a new tab in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, you are shown the tiles of all the websites that you access most frequently along with some of the “suggested” sites from Mozilla. We have previously posted about how you can remove the suggested sites from the new tab page in Mozilla Firefox. But even after you disable the suggestions of sites, the new tab page remains looking very boring. If you want to have a new tab page that is both beautiful and adds useful items along with the list of the most used sites then you can try your hands at the New Tab extension by Yahoo.

Designed by Yahoo for Firefox, this extension replaces the default new tab page. After the installation of Yahoo’s New Tab extension, when you open a new tab – you are shown a beautiful looking page with background image taken from flickr. There is Yahoo search in the middle of the screen, below which are the shortcuts to the ten websites that you have accessed most frequently in Firefox. At the bottom, it displays the weather conditions and temperature for your current locations (determined through your IP address). The temperature is displayed in the Fahrenheits only and there is no option to change the units.

New Tab by Yahoo

If you want, then you can edit the websites shortcuts displayed by clicking on the Edit and removing the shortcuts that you do not want to see on the new tab page. For some reason, the Yahoo sites are favored in the shortcut placeholders. If you do not want to see the Yahoo search box and the website shortcuts, then you can click on Hide at the bottom and enjoy the beautiful background image displayed in the new tab.

Conclusion: New Tab by Yahoo extension for Firefox brings a fresh change for the new tab page and may reignite your love for Firefox all over again especially if you are also a Yahoo services fan.

You can download and install New Tab by Yahoo extension for Firefox from

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