Redbull Alert : Alarm Clock for Android Smartphones

Known for promoting active life style, Red Bull wants to make it fun for you to wake up every morning through a new app called Red Bull Alert. This is basically an alarm clock app for Android, but it comes with a taste of Red Bull via the various sounds and pictures that also inspire you to wake up as quick as possible. The alarm clock app comes with a little game that can amuse you every day as you try to beat your record of waking up before the snooze kicks in. With Red Bull Alert installed in your phone, you would never have to complain about bad songs being played on your portable alarm clock radio.

After the installation is finished, the first thing you have to do is create some alarms. There are two ready-made pre-defined alarms for 8:30 AM and 7:30 PM. You can customize these or you can create new ones. And if you want to turn them off later on, then it is very easy to toggle them off or on using a simple flip switch interface.

Red Bull Alert

For every alarm event, you can choose the time, weekdays, maximum allowed snooze counts, and the alarm volume. By default, you are not allowed any snoozes (count is set to 0) which means you will have to get out of your bed. Perhaps you would want to set the maximum allowed snooze count to something between 3 and 5 for the first few days. You can also choose a Red Bull supplied theme which contains a sound track and inspirational pictures for everyday.

Red Bull Alert

There are hundreds of themes supplied by Red Bull. Some of these themes are downloaded off the internet, so you should keep your phone connected to some sort of WiFi if possible. As if this is not enough, Red Bull Alert shows you your statistical data about how many times you jumped out of your bed without hitting snooze and how many times you covered the phone with a pillow and went back to sleep. These interesting stats might help you motivate to start a day and help quit the habit of procrastinating.

Conclusion: Red Bull Alert is the ultimate alarm clock for active people around the world. It helps you start every day with an inspiration and promise to use every single second of the day in something useful, something active.

You can download and install Red Bull Alert for Android from