How to Disable Whispersync in Kindle for Android

Amazon’s Kindle is the most popular platform for reading and buying ebooks online. Some of the ebooks are not only available at discount but there are also some ebooks that you can have for free. You can use just one account of Kindle on many different Kindle enabled devices and access all the ebooks that you ever downloaded from Amazon. Kindle has a feature called Whispersync which is useful if you use the same Kindle account on two or more devices. What this feature does is that it automatically syncs the reading progress and the annotations made in an ebook across all the devices.

But if you use Kindle only in one of your devices, then there is no point of keeping the Whispersync feature enabled for your Kindle account. All it would do is send your ebooks related data over to the Amazon servers and since you do not have any secondary Kindle devices, this data would never be used. By disabling Whispersync, you can avoid sending your usage data to the Amazon servers. This can not only save your internet bandwidth but will also enhance usage privacy.

Here is how you can disable Whispersync feature in Amazon Kindle for Android:

  1. Launch Kindle app in your Android device.
  2. Touch the hamburger icon near the top-left corner of the app to open the Kindle app menu.
  3. Choose Settings from this menu to open Kindle account settings.Kindle Whispersync
  4. On the Kindle account settings screen, scroll down and uncheck the option labeled Whispersync for Books.
  5. You will be shown a final confirmation warning in which you can choose Disable to proceed.

Disabling Whispersync will prevent sharing of your usage data with Amazon servers. This will enhance your user privacy, but some of the features like synchronization of reading location across multiple devices will stop working.