Remember Buying Christmas Presents Using Christmas List App

On the day before the Christmas day, you can find many people with a worried look on their faces and quickly making a purchase on using their smart phone. And often they get frustrated and annoyed as their smart phone does not seem to pick the WiFi signal properly. We all have been in situations like this because we forgot to buy Christmas gifts for our loved ones.  But you can avoid this last moment rush by using a simple Christmas List app for Android. This app keeps a list of people, gifts, budget and the days remaining to buy these gifts for those people.

You start using the Christmas List app by adding one or more people. You have to add the person’s name and the budget you have for that person’s gifts. You can also choose one of the Christmas themed pictures for the person that you are adding.

Christmas Gift List

After adding a person, you can research and think of gifts that you are going to buy or have already bought for that person. You can then touch on that person’s name and add that gift and its cost. You can toggle the status for the gifts whether they have been bought and have been gift wrapped.

Christmas Gift List

In the stats portion of the app, you can view the overall progress of the Christmas gifts showing how many days are remaining to the upcoming Christmas day, your total budget, how much money you have spent out of this budget, how many gifts are left to be bought and how many gifts still need wrapping.

Christmas Gift List

Verdict: The Christmas List app for Android can easily replace the old paper and pencil style lists to remember all the Christmas gifts that you have to by for your loved ones. It can help you from the last moment rush to buy the gifts and gives you ample time to plan all the gifting ideas.

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