Write and Solve Equations with MathMagic Lite for Android

Mathematics is no longer as scary as it used to be some ten or twenty years ago. Back then the only help you could get in solving mathematical problems was either your teachers, parents or your friends. But now there are so many apps that can mathematics look as easy as a piece of cake. We have covered apps like PhotoMath and Mathway for Android that can scan the problems from your textbook and then solve them for you. But if you want to type in your own mathematical problems and have them solved then you can use the MathMagic Lite app for Android.

MathMagic Lite is basically an app for writing mathematical equations, but it also comes with a feature that can take your typed in equation and send it over to WolframAlpha to get it solved. And as you know, there is hardly anything in mathematics that WolframAlpha cannot solve.

MathMagic Lite for Android

You begin by typing your problem, function or equation in MathMagic Lite using the really awesome editor that it provides. You can write all kinds of equations or functions using this editor from simple set of linear equations to the very complex differential equations, calculus or vector algebra.

You can then save these equations in form of images in your phone’s memory for using them in your personal projects or you can attempt solving them using the WolframAlpha. All these options are available through the MathMagic Lite menu. WolframAlpha does not open in a new browser window or app, but it displays the results in the same window making it very comfortable for you to switch back to your equation edition tasks.

MathMagic Lite for Android

Conclusion: MathMagic Lite is a free equation editor for Android and it definitely does its job perfectly well. Not only you can save the mathematical equation in the image file formats, but you can also have them solved via WolframAlpha.

You can get the MathMagic Lite app for Android from http://www.mathmagic.com/android/.