Enjoy Star Wars – Galaxy of Heroes for Free on Your Smartphone

You can call yourself a hardcore Star Wars fan, if you get goosebumps when you hear the theme music played at the start of all the Star Wars movies, if you choose to dress up as Chewbacca in all the costume parties, if you have one or more toy laser swords in your home, if you cannot take your eyes off Princess Leia when she confronts Darth Vedar and you cannot wait for the new Star Wars movie to be releases this December. While you curb your hunger for the upcoming movie, you can still manage to enjoy all your Star Wars moments using the free Star Wars game released for free by Electronic Arts.

Electronic Arts has made this festive season even more fun-filled by making the “Star Wars – Galaxy of Heroes” game freely available for the mobile devices running on iOS (iPhone or iPad) and Android operating systems. The game has very basic requirements and runs even on cheaper or low end devices. However this game requires internet connection to work and without it refuses to load.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

This Star Wars game starts with Cantina (a dimly lit tavern from the very first movie where Luke Skywalker first meets Hans Solo) where you are given a tutorial for the game. You can of course choose to skip the tutorial and move on to play the game.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

The game gives you a storm trooper to start the game and from there you are taken to familiar places where you have to engage in battles with the dark forces. This RPG game can give you hours and days of fun building your perfect teams, collecting your favorite characters from every era of the Star Wars movies, and fighting on the legendary locations.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

You can get Star Wars – Galaxy of Heroes game for Android or iPhone from http://starwars.ea.com/starwars/galaxy-of-heroes.

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