Backup & Restore Contacts & Messages with Comodo Backup for Android

When upgrading the Android via OTA (over the air) updates delivered to you by your mobile phone manufacturer, the first thing you might lose is the contacts list and any important text messages that you might have saved. Fortunately, you can easily create a backup of all the contact numbers stored on your phone as well as the text messages using the free Comodo Backup app for Android. The app saves the backup on the SD card and does not require internet access for backup and restore. The app is designed and maintained by the well known security firm Comodo and is completely reliable.

After the installation, you can launch the app and touch on the Start button to agree with the Comodo EULA (end user license agreement) and proceed. All the contacts and SMS messages are already selected, but you can customize the selection for these and leave out some of the messages that you do not think of any importance. Touching on the Back Up All button will create a backup of all the selected items in a few seconds.

Comodo Backup for Android

When you want to restore the contacts and text messages at any later time, you can re-launch the Comodo Backup app once again and this time touch the Restore button. Then choose the items you want to restore and finally touch on the Restore button once again. One surprise when restoring the text messages is that it asks you to set their (Comodo’s) app as the default SMS app.

Comodo Backup for Android

You can get the Comodo Backup app for Android from