SainT is Atari-ST Emulator for Windows

Nostalgia is a sweet feeling and sensation that surrounds you when you suddenly long of the days of the past. Personally, I miss the high school days the most – that was perhaps the most exciting time of my life. We can never turn the time clock backwards, but we can still engage in old-time activities once in a while and re-live those memories just for the joy of it. For example, my grandpa often talks about his collection of gaming consoles that were far better than the modern day Sony Playstation (according to him). If you also belong to the generation that misses the old Atari-ST, Sega Game Gear and such, then you can try your hands at SainT, a free Atari-ST Emulator for Windows.

SainT is a portable application and therefore can be used without any delay after downloading. Just extract the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder and launch SainT.exe from there. It will show some type of demo when you launch it for the very first time, but you can always press the F12 key to go into the main SainT interface. From this interface, you can configure SainT options related to joystick, sound, emulation and so on.

SainT Atari Emulator

For running the old games of Atari-ST generation, you would need the floppy disk images of those games. You can get these images from various websites, but you should not download any copyright protected images.  Once these disk images are on your local hard disk, you can select them from the SainT interface and choose to run them.

SainT Atari Emulator

The game play requires some sort of joystick to be attached to your PC. These game joysticks or controllers are very cheap and you can get them from Amazon or eBay. But SainT also gives options to use your keyboard to control the various actions in the game.

You can download the SainT Atari-ST emulator for Windows from