Best Free CD/DVD/Bluray Burner Software for Windows

I personally use Windows all the time, but when it comes to shopping online using credit cards or debit cards, sending or receiving money online, logging in to bank accounts or engaging in any financial transactions of any sort, then I take a little extra precaution and use Ubuntu Linux instead. Linux by nature is a little extra secure compared to some other operating systems and malicious software does not seem to target the Linux users at all. In fact, many Linux gurus advise to never install any anti-virus products in computers running on any modern flavor of Linux like Ubuntu, Mint etc. And you can download all these Linux variations for free too.

But the first problem that comes after you download a copy of Linux ISO image is how to burn it. Microsoft Windows offers some basic minimal ISO burning support. But why limit yourself when there are several good free alternatives are present. Here is a list of some of the best free CD/DVD/Bluray burning software for Windows:

  1. Anyburn – AnyBurn is a light-weight but professional CD/DVD/Bluray burning software that everyone must have. It provides a free and complete solution for burning your optical media. It is completely free and comes as a portable program for Windows.Free CD/DVD/Bluray Writer
  2. ImgBurn – ImgBurn originally started out as a software specifically for burning the disk images like ISO, BIN, CUE etc. But now it is much more comprehensive and supports all the functions that a commercial software like Nero Express usually does.Free CD/DVD/Bluray Writer
  3. BurnAware – BurnAware offers support to burn all kinds of disks to almost all kinds of optical media like CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. The free version is available only for the home use. This is a perfect and free solution for some of the most sought tasks like burning bootable discs, multi-session discs, audio CD’s and video DVD’s, making and burning the disc images.Free CD/DVD/Bluray Writer
  4. DeepBurner – DeepBurner comes in a relatively small setup file size but can easily compete shoulder to shoulder with any highly expensive DVD writing software suites. It supports all the optical media types and offers wizard type navigation through different steps of burning the media.Free CD/DVD/Bluray Writer

There are other free software for burning optical media in Windows, but they are either not of good quality, do not offer enough features or contain unwanted software inside their setup packages.