Find if Someone is Spying on You with SpyDetectFree

Believe it or not, some of the companies monitor what their employees are doing on their computers using some standard commercial spyware software. This spyware software can take the screen-shots of your monitor, record your keystrokes, and also monitor the title text of the open windows. Companies do not want their highly paid employees to waste their time chatting over facebook or doing their Christmas shopping in their office work hours. There is a very easy way to find whether someone is spying secretly on your computer activities – by using the free SpyDetectFree software.

SpyDetectFree is a small portable application that can quickly find out if your keystrokes are being recorded, if some program is taking screenshots or if some program is capturing the window title texts. You simply have to launch the SpyDetectFree application and click on the Check Now button.


It goes through various running processes and their loaded modules to determine if any of these modules have created hooks to capture your keystrokes or mouse movements. Such modules can capture your login passwords, banking information, online shopping, billing information, personal conversations, email messages composed by you, and more. It also waits to see whether some program is using Windows API to capture the title text from open windows.


On my Windows 10 PC, it detected some hooks to capture keystrokes and did not detect any window monitor application. If you want to see which of the modules are capturing the keystrokes, then you can click on the Details button. It shows a list of the modules loaded in memory. The offending modules are colored red or yellow. In my case, it detected the HyperSnap DX program as keystroke capturing module which is accurate as it is a screenshot and text capture program.

You can download the SpyDetectFree from