ConfigFox Helps Tweak Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the first choice of advanced computer users who want to stay secure online. Firefox is popular not only because it is secure but also because of the flexibility it provides in terms of configuration and adding new functionality through thousands of add-ons. Firefox allows advanced tweaking through its about:config interface, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to go through the preferences, find out what each of these preferences does and what values should be assigned to them. Fortunately someone else also thought along the same lines and created an open-source software called ConfigFox which makes it very easy to tweak some of the preferences that otherwise are accessible only through the about:config interface.

ConfigFox is a portable program for Windows and upon first launch it asks you for the location of firefox.exe. After that it tries to automatically locate your Firefox profile folder and open the user.js file that provides an alternative method of changing Firefox preferences. If the file is not found (usually portable Firefox versions do not have this file), then it will ask you to create one.


After this, you can go ahead and change various preferences belonging to various different categories like updates, privacy, encryption, cache, plugins, security and more. Each preferences under these categories can either have true and false values that you can toggle from the ConfigFox interface or you can assign a number or string value to these preferences.

Verdict: ConfigFox allows you to quickly go through the hidden and often unknown features of the Mozilla Firefox web browser. It even allows you to create new Firefox profiles and switch from one profile to another at the click of a button.

You can download ConfigFox from