HDGraph Shows Disk Space Usage Graphically

Not too long ago I bought a new hard disk of 1 TB capacity and now Windows is telling me that only 320 GB is left free. More often your disk space is consumed by useless items like browser history, downloaded files, installation files and so on. But how do you find out where all of your disk space is being used up and which of the folders are using how much of the disk space? To know all about the disk consumption you can use the free HDGraph software that can display the disk usage in a graphical manner.

HDGraph is a portable software that is less than 1 megabytes in size. It is designed using the Microsoft .NET framework so you must have it installed before you can start using HDGraph in Windows. The first thing you have to do is select the folder or drive for which you want to find out the disk usage details. After you have selected the folder or drive, you can click on the Scan/Refresh button.


The program will scan your selected folder or drive for a couple of minutes (the time actually depends on the size of the selected folder – the larger size the folder, the longer it will take to scan through that folder) and then display a sunburst chart of the disk usage. Each folder and file is shown in a hierarchal order, the size of segments corresponding to the size of the files or folders. You can double-click on any of these segments to display information about that folder or file. You can even export the sunburst graph in form of a PNG image.

Conclusion: HDGraph offers an easy, convenient and graphical way to see how the disk space is being used up by various folders and files on your Windows PC.

You can download HDGraph from http://www.hdgraph.com/.