Disk Cloning with EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition

These days SSD’s are in big demand because of their energy efficiency, silent operation and unparalleled data access speeds. Unlike the older HDD’s, these newer SDD’s do not make any spinning noise when you are reading or writing files on them. As a consequence, everyone is slowly migrating towards SSD’s. But this creates a whole new problem – how to migrate your data from your older hard disk to new SSD easily that you have just bought? The harder route is to install Windows all over again on the new disk and then copy rest of the data manually from HDD to SDD. However if you use EaseUS Disk Copy disk clone software, you do not have to go through the ordeal of reinstalling Windows all over again.

EaseUS Disk Copy is a disk cloning software that can perform sector by sector cloning of the entire disks or the selected partitions. Since the data is being copied sector by sector, it guarantees 100% identical and accurate cloning of the disks or partitions. Moreover, the method ensures the disk cloning irrespective of the file systems used or the operating system installed on the source disks.

You can summarize some of the features of EaseUS Disk Copy as follows:
1. Can create bootable USB disk or bootable CD for you
2. Performs sector-by-sector copy making it compatible with all types of disks
3. Copies all data including the deleted or lost files
4. Supports both the disk cloning and the partition cloning methods
5. Supports disks as large as 1 TB
6. Ideal for migrating from HDD or SDD or switching from low capacity to large capacity disks.

EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition actually comes as a software to create Linux based bootable disk. You can choose to create the bootable USB disk, bootable CD or just dump the ISO image for EaseUS Disk Copy bootable disk anywhere on your hard disk. You can then burn this ISO image to a blank CD using your own favorite CD writer software.

EaseUS Disk Copy

After you boot from the bootable disk you have created for EaseUS Disk Copy, it shows up a small boot menu that by default loads the Disk Copy software, but also allows you to boot to your hard disk or reboot your PC. Basically, you have to do nothing but wait for the Disk Copy interface to show up.

EaseUS Disk Copy

When the DiskCopy interface is loaded, you can choose a copy mode – disk copy or partition copy. For the disk copy mode, your system must have at least two disks attached. For the partition copy mode, your system should have two partitions – not necessarily on the same disk.

EaseUS Disk Copy

The next steps involve choosing the source and destination disks or partitions. The source disks or partitions should be of the same or smaller size than the destination disks or partitions for the obvious reason. The cloning is performed sector by sector and may take a very long time depending on the size of data being copied. In the end, you are shown the results of the disk clone – how much data was copied and whether there were errors.

EaseUS Disk Copy

Verdict: EaseUS Disk Copy Home edition is a smart, fast and versatile disk cloning software that supports all types of disks. It makes 100% identical disk or partition copies without any problems.

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