How to Enable Auto-Update in Comodo Mobile Security

The first thing that I recommend for everyone to do after they buy a new mobile phone is to install a security solution so that their data, privacy and phone stays protected from malware and other harmful apps. On my Android smart phone, I keep Comodo Mobile Security installed as it is both free and provides protection from all the different malicious activities. On the very first day of installation, it detected one of the factory installed app as harmful. While it provides top-notch protection to your Android devices, the automatic definitions updates are disabled by default in Comodo Mobile Security. Only Comodo know why they have designed the app in this way (perhaps to reduce server overload), but you can easily change the settings to make it automatically download the malware definitions on your mobile phone. Here is how:

  1. Launch Comodo Mobile Security app in your smart phone.
  2. Touch on the ham-burger icon (it looks like three horizontal lines) and then select Settings from the menu that opens up.Comodo Mobile Security
  3. On the settings screen, scroll down and then enable the Antivirus Database Auto Update option.
  4. You will be asked whether you want to update over any type of internet connection or only when you are connected to the internet via a WiFi network. Since other types of internet connections like 3G/4G LTE could cost you lots of money, most people would select WiFi for automatic updates.Comodo Mobile Security

Comodo Mobile Security will work much more efficiently with the latest antivirus database when it comes to detecting and removing the malware from your smart phones. Even if you do not make it update the antivirus database automatically, Comodo Mobile Security will raise an alert in case the antivirus definitions are outdated and old.

If you have not already protected your Android smart phone with Comodo Mobile Security then you can get it from