Encoding Decoding : Simple File Encryption Tool

Encoding Decoding program developed by Elefant Software does exactly what it says – it encrypts and decrypts files for you. It uses some of the well known ciphers like Ultra, Ultra 3, AES 128, AES 192, AES 256 etc. All of these ciphers are very strong and files encrypted by them cannot be decrypted by any other means except by supplying the exact same password that was used to encrypt those files. It could be of some use if you are trying to protect some of your personal documents or some other files of the private nature.

The Encoding Decoding software is available both as a setup installer and as a portable application. The benefit of the setup installer version is that it installs a right-click context-menu handler for encrypting or decrypting of the files in the Windows File Explorer. In that case, you can just right-click on any file and choose to encrypt or decrypt them through the context-menu.

Encoding Decoding Free

If you instead you choose to open the Encoding Decoding main GUI, then you have to choose File → Open to select files to decrypt or encrypt. It will ask you to choose one of the encryption ciphers from the drop-down list, enter the encryption or decryption password twice.

Encoding Decoding Free

Since the password is the only thing protecting your files when it comes to strong ciphers like AES 256, your password has to be strong enough to keep the protection reliable. Encoding Decoding understands this and shows the strength of your passwords by indicating whether the strength is low, middle or high. If you cannot think of any strong passwords, then you can always use the Norton password generator or some other password generator application.

You can download Encoding Decoding freeware encryption tool from http://elefantsoftware-en.weebly.com/encoding-decoding.html.