WhySoSlow Finds Why Your PC is Running So Slow

While the children are worried about the slow moving sleigh of Santa Claus, here is another question to ponder about – why is your Windows PC running so slow? We do not need to think too much about it, thanks to a wonderful Windows application called WhySoSlow. This free program tries to find what is causing your PC to respond so slowly when you try to watch videos, access websites, edit documents or play computer games. It checks the performance of various components in your PC like the CPU, GPU, disks, memory etc. If your computer activities are using your computer resources to the maximum level, then your PC might momentarily hang up or become unresponsive. WhySoSlow tells you which component of your PC hardware is being stressed to the limits.

After installing WhySoSlow, you would notice a new icon in the notification area of Windows. You can click on this icon to bring up WhySoSlow window any time and see all the details about your computer’s performance. It displays statistics about the CPU speed, CPU load, CPU temperature, kernel responsiveness, app responsiveness, memory load and the hard pagefaults. For each of these items, it displays the current values, minimum and maximum values reached since the WhySoSlow was launched.


The software also analyzes and monitors the running processes, memory usage, page file usage, disk fragmentation, power settings, responsiveness behavior of BIOS, devices and drivers and several other factors that may influence the performance and responsiveness of your system.


WhySoSlow also allows you to configure alarms for various events, for example, when the CPU temperature is very high, when the CPU or the memory load has reached the maximum levels etc. These alarms will help you use your PC cautiously in those times so you do not end up with a totally unresponsive PC.

You can download WhySoSlow from http://www.resplendence.com/whysoslow.htm.