Five Beautiful Windows Themes for This Festive Season

Everyone is busy tidying up their homes and offices, decorating them with lights, wreaths, garlands, flowers, ribbons, candles and more for the upcoming Christmas day. There are simply too many things to do – greeting cards, trees, gifts and every day we think of something new. But in this busy schedule, do not forget to decorate your faithful computers – make them look beautiful for the season by installing a new wallpaper or theme. And if you have a Windows based desktop computer, notebook or tablet then you are in luck – Microsoft is offering great themes for the festive season this year.

We have selected five great festive themes for your Windows PC or tablet this winter:

  1. Decking the Halls – This theme has twelve desktop backgrounds well suited for celebration of the Christmas day. The high definition images of candles, golden ribbons, decorative balls and other ornaments can instantly instill the joyous fervor that Christmas day is known for.Christmas Theme for Windows
  2. Holiday Lights – If you have not embellished your home with Christmas lights yet, then perhaps you would start by installing this theme in your PC. With ten background images showing different beautiful variations of the holiday lights, it can inspire you to get some lights for your home or work place too.Christmas Theme for Windows
  3. Decorating the Trees – Christmas holidays revolve around the trees so why not show some tree decoration wallpapers on your Windows PC too? This theme shows nine trees with various ornaments hanging from their branches.Christmas Theme for Windows
  4. Snowy Night – This theme takes you into the pages of some folklore fiction – snow clad houses and a few candles burning bright inside them. All the thirteen desktop backgrounds in this theme give you a serene, calming feeling that can only be felt in the holiday season.Christmas Theme for Windows
  5. Snowmen – What is winter without a snowman standing right outside your house? If you are lucky enough to have snow, then make snowmen out of it. And while you are at it, why not give snowmen access to your Windows PC with the help of the Snowmen theme.Christmas Theme for Windows

These themes bring the joy of festive season to your desktop PC. You can find more such themes from the Microsoft Themes web site. If you do not know what to do with the downloaded .theme files, then just double-click on them – this will install and activate the respective them in Windows.