G Data Cleanup Removes Adware, Toolbars and PUP from Windows

There is so much free software available now-a-days that you can virtually live without having to buy any software at all. For example, you can use any of the Linux variations like Ubuntu or Mint for your operating system, get Libre Office for your office software needs and so on. But not all the free software that you download from the internet is safe. Some of it might come with adware, toolbars or other potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Once this type of software takes root in your PC, it becomes very difficult to remove it using ordinary methods. But you can remove all these undesired or malicious programs using the free G Data Cleanup tool.

G Data Cleanup tool is a standalone utility that helps you find and remove adware, browser toolbars and browser plug-ins that might be piggybacked into your Windows PC through some freeware programs. Since G Data Cleanup tool is a portable software, you can launch it right after downloading it without having to install anything on your system. Then click on the Scan Computer button to start the scan.

G Data Cleanup

There are no options to customize the scan, but that’s what makes things simple for every level of Windows user. The scanning process takes around ten minutes to complete and if it finds something, then you are given options to clean those items from your PC. However, if it does not find anything on your PC then you are simply shown a message – “Nothing unwanted could be found on your system.”

G Data Cleanup

G Data Cleanup does not offer complete protection for your system and it should be used only for detection and removal of some of those unwanted software that could have slipped under the radar into your system. For full and complete protection, G Data offers other paid products like G Data Total Protection.

You can download G Data Cleanup tool from https://www.gdata.de/clean-up.