How to Disable Offer Banners in uTorrent BitTorrent Client

uTorrent is perhaps the most popular BitTorrent client for Windows. I use it to download all the Linux distributions available via the torrents, for example, Ubuntu. But lately I have been seeing some changes in the uTorrent client for Windows – now it displays two banners offering you some content like games or music via the torrent. If you do not want these banners then you have two options – buy the pro version of the uTorrent client or make some changes in the uTorrent client. Here is how you can go about disabling these offer banners using any of these methods:

Method 1 : Buy the Pro Version of uTorrent

The Pro version of the uTorrent client offers banners free experience (of course), an in-built HD player for videos, automatic checking for dangerous virus and malware, direct downloads from the artists and film-makers, support for mobile devices and 24/7 support from the uTorrent team. The pro version is not available as a one time purchase, but it is available as yearly subscription that costs $19.95 annually.

Method 2 : Make Changes in uTorrent Preferences

If you use uTorrent regularly, then you should definitely consider getting an annual subscription to the Pro version. But if you use it casually once in a while, then you may just change a few settings like this:

  1. In the uTorrent window, select Options → Preferences from the menubar. Alternatively, you can also press the hotkey Ctrl+P to open the preferences window.uTorrent Pro Version
  2. In the preferences window, select Advanced from the categories on the left. Scroll down the list of preferences, find offers.left_rail_offer_enabled and double-click on it to change its value to false.uTorrent Pro Version
  3. Click on the OK button to save the settings and restart uTorrent.

Summary: uTorrent displays some of the banners offering you some content that you may not want. You can either buy the Pro version of uTorrent to get rid of these banners or make changes in the uTorrent preferences.

You can buy uTorrent Pro from