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These days, I am doing almost all of my shopping online – even the groceries. I sometimes pay using cards and other times I use services like PayPal that can debit from my connected bank accounts directly. When using these services, your security depends heavily on the strength of passwords that you use. I am very cautious when it comes to create a password for various online accounts like PayPal, net-banking, email accounts and so on. In fact, I follow a few simple rules to create strong passwords that cannot be guesses or brute-forced in real-time by attackers – I use password of at least 12 characters in length, do not use any dictionary word, use mixed letters (uppercase and lowercase both), and include some digits and special characters in it.

To make things easy, I have created a simple tool for myself called PassGen that I use to generate passwords when such necessity arrives. You can also use this simple password generator to create random and very strong passwords for yourself.


You can download the PassGen tool from After extracting the contents to a folder, you can launch PassGen.exe which will show you a very small window where you can click on the Generate button to start generating passwords right away.

There are not many options to keep things simple. But you can specify the length of the password, whether to use mixed-case, include numerals and special characters. You can choose the password length to be between 4 and 24 characters. However, it is recommended that you choose a password length of at least 10 for optimally strong passwords, unless forced to choose a smaller length by some website or application.

I hope you would keep your online accounts secure by using stronger passwords generated through the PassGen tool. If you have any opinions or suggestions about it, then please let me know.

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