Enjoy Karaoke at Home with KaraFun Player

Karaoke is one of the fun ways to spend an evening with friends or family. And it does not matter how good or bad you are at singing, just hold that microphone and start reading whatever comes on the screen. Usually people go outside to karaoke bars and other similar places where they can become the singing sensation for one evening. But if you do not want to go outside in this cold weather and want to have some karaoke fun with the whole family, then you can try KaraFun Player software.

KaraFun Player is a karaoke software for Windows PC that can bring your family hours of fun. All you need is a Windows PC with internet connection and you are all set. Just install the KaraFun Player on your PC, optionally subscribe to KaraWeb services and you will have access to 21,000 popular songs ready for karaoke.

KaraFun Player

All the songs from KaraWeb are categorized based on the genre and you can easily select any of them by double-clicking on these songs. The song music and lyrics are instantly downloaded and it starts to play in the karaoke window. You can filter the music, vocals and the lead singer easily from the KaraFun Player toolbar.

KaraFun Player

To switch the KaraFun Player karaoke window to full screen mode, you can click on the Dual-screen Display icon in the toolbar, this will open a new karaoke player window that goes full-screen if you maximize it. If you have a dual screen setup, then you can switch the full-screen karaoke player to one screen and control the KaraFun Player interface from the second.

KaraFun Player

Conclusion: KaraFun Player is a great karaoke player for Windows. Even though it does not offer full length songs for the free accounts, it offers hundreds of full length free songs for your fun.

You can download KaraFun Player from http://www.karafun.com/karaokeplayer/.