How to Install Star Wars Boot Animation in Android

This December the world is going to see courageous Chewbecca, smart R2-D2 and the beautiful princess Leia once again. In the midst of all the Star Wars frenzy, why not add that Star Wars color to your smart phone too? Perhaps you have already done so if you are a long term Star Wars fan? If not, then here is how you can go about changing the boot animation in your Android smart phone to the Star Wars one. You can even change the boot sound that plays when your phone is turned on.

Changing the boot animation requires that your phone is rooted. If you have not rooted your Android phone, then you may choose Root Genius or Kingo Root – both of which can root your Android device from the comfort of your Windows PC.

Star Wars Boot Animation Android

  1. Install ES File Explorer from Google Play Store. This is necessary for making changes to the system files.
  2. Download Star Wars boot animation file and copy it to your Android smartphone, preferably somewhere on the SD card.
  3. In the ES File Explorer, open menu and enable Root Explorer option. This is required to make changes to the system files.Star Wars Boot Animation Android
  4. In the ES File Explorer, open the folder /device/system/media/ and rename the file to to backup the original boot animation file in case you need to restore the original boot animation later.Star Wars Boot Animation Android
  5. Copy the downloaded file (in step 3 above) from the SD Card to the system folder /device/system/media/. ES File Explorer makes this very easy, just select the file on the SD card, touch on the copy button, switch over to the /device/system/media/ folder and touch on the paste button.Star Wars Boot Animation Android
  6. Restart your Android device. You should see the new Star Wars boot animation as the device boots up.

If you want to switch back to your phone’s original boot animation, then delete the Star Wars file from the /device/system/media/ folder and rename the back to