How to Use Unsigned Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox

In the recent versions of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, they have made a strict policy of not allowing any unsigned add-on to be used in the browser. First of all any unsigned add-on is not allowed to be installed, and even if such add-ons are automatically installed in Firefox then those add-ons are disabled by Firefox if they are not signed. This is a welcome step from Firefox as this boosts the browser security by disabling any suspicious add-ons that might be installed by malicious software. But if you must use some unsigned add-on because the developer of the add-on has not released any signed add-ons yet and your work depends on that older unsigned add-on.

Unsigned Add-on in Firefox

Here is how you can quickly enable unsigned add-ons in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox web browser, type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
  2. Click on the I’ll be careful, I promise button to continue. It is possible that this button is not displayed and you are taken directly to the Firefox configuration manager.
  3. Type signatures in the search box to narrow down the preferences we are interested in.
  4. Double-click on the preference named xpinstall.signatures.required to switch its value from true to false.Unsigned Add-on in Firefox
  5. Close all the Firefox web browser windows and then start it all over again. Go to Add-ons Manager screen by typing about:config in the address bar and pressing Enter.
  6. Now you would see that there is an Enable button against unsigned add-ons. You can click on this Enable button to enable that add-on and start using them.Unsigned Add-on in Firefox
  7. Depending on the add-on you may have to restart the browser for using the newly enabled add-ons.

Even though Firefox allows you to use unsigned add-ons, it must be noted that doing so is a security risk as some malicious programs might take advantage of this and push their malicious add-ons into your Firefox browser.

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  1. This won’t work with the newest version of firefox, how do I get around it?

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