Spotiamb is Portable Spotify Player for Windows

Spotify is one of the most popular digital music service that offers cheap subscriptions and access to a huge music collection for everyone. Spotify literally offers millions of songs, both new and old, available from various platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and is also accessible through its web app. If you do not really like the Spotify player for Windows because it appears bloated and uses too many system resources just to play music, then perhaps you would love Spotiamb – a minimal, small, third-party Spotify player for Windows.

Spotiamb is a Winamp look-alike music player that can fetch your Spotify music playlists and play them without using much of the system resources. It is portable and small, but Spotiamb can be used only through premium Spotify accounts. So if you have only a free Spotify account then you would not be able to use Spotiamb.


When you launch Spotiamb for the very first time, it asks you to enter the user-name and password for your premium Spotify account. If you miss this password prompt, then you can right-click on the Spotiamb window and choose Login from the right-click menu.

After logging in, you can click on the Eject button to open up your Spotify playlists. You can then double-click on any of the songs or tracks to start playing it. You can also open a Spotify playlist in the web player, copy the link and then paste it in Spotiamb using the hotkey Ctrl+V.


Basically, if you have used Winamp media player before then you will feel right at home with Spotiamb. Just like Winamp, Spotiamb also offers visualization plugins and you can actually use the visualization plugins from Winamp for Spotiamb. Additionally, Spotiamb also offers in-built Shoutcast server, so you can easily stream the music being played to any device supporting Shoutcast.

You can download Spotiamb from