Make New Tab Page Look Beautiful with Shutterstock Extension for Chrome

Shutterstock is one of the most widely used stock images service online. They offer a huge variety of images from all the categories that human mind is able to conceive. With over sixty millions of photos, vectors, illustrations, editorials, icons, footage and music, you can hardly think of anything that they cannot deliver. And all of their work is of top notch quality – high definition pictures taken by professional photographers or illustrations designed by veteran artists. They have now released an extension for the Google Chrome web browser that shows a new image in the background for the new tab page – a new background image every time you open a new tab. Additionally, they also add a Shutterstock search box, a pretty clock and weather forecast on the new tab page.

The extension offers the new tab page which is responsive and gracefully resizes itself for various window sizes – making it very suitable for devices of various sizes like desktop computers, notebook computers, tablets, phones etc. On a smaller screen that weather forecast is not displayed while on a larger screen the forecast is displayed with details too. It also displays recently visited sites in the bottom-right corner.

Shutterstock Tab for Chrome

You can control the Shutterstock extension settings from the small icon on the top-right corner. Click/touch on this icon and a menu is displayed. From this menu you can choose the temperature units from Celsius or Fahrenheit, the time format (12-hour clock, 12-hour clock with AM/PM, or 24-hour clock), whether to display the recently visited sites etc. You can also share the link to the Shutterstock tab for Chrome extension to your friends from this menu.

Shutterstock Tab for Chrome

Conclusion: Shutterstock tab for Chrome definitely makes your Chrome web browser look beautiful with its huge collection of pictures, a clock and weather forecast widget.

You can download Shutterstock Tab extension for Chrome from