Track Your Daily Running with Nike+ Running GPS App for Android or iPhone

People often give me compliments on my fitness and ask me about the gym that I go it. But they get very surprised that I do not subscribe to any gym. The only thing that keeps me fit is running. I run everyday, whether it is cloudy skies or the sunny weather. And when it is raining torrents outdoor, I run indoors on my treadmill. Unlike on the treadmill, when you are running outside, it becomes a little difficult to know how much you have run. Fortunately, Nike has come forth with the Nike+ app for all your running statistics. This app is available for free for all the Android and iOS devices. It can work both with the GPS and non-GPS modes. In addition it can also fetch the data with other devices popular with professional athletes like the ones manufactures by Garmin,  Wahoo, TomTom etc.

You start by installing the Nike+ app in your Android or iPhone device and creating a new Nike account if you do not already have one. If you already have a Nike account, then simply use it to login into Nike+ app. Once logged in, you can touch Begin Run and then set a run type – Basic Run, Distance Run, Time Run or Speed Run. For all types of runs, you can choose the music to listen to, orientation of the device and the location (outdoor or indoor).

Nike+ Running GPS App

If you choose outdoor location, then GPS must be enabled in your phone but for indoor location, the phone should be strapped to your arm or should be kept somewhere else on you. This is because it calculates the distance from the shaking motion. As soon as you stop running, the shaking of the phone stops and it goes into pause mode.

Nike+ Running GPS App

If you want to connect some of your other GPS enabled devices, then you have to open Nike+ settings and select Partners. From there, you have to choose one of the manufacturers of such devices like Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo, xID, Nike+ Training Club etc. This will take you to the screen where you can pair those devices with your phone though the Nike+ app.

Nike+ Running GPS App

Conclusion: If you love running, then Nike+ app for Android/iPhone can be your running companion. It can work both with GPS and non-GPS modes to record your running statistics. It can also fetch data from some of the standard GPS enabled devices used by athletes.

You can get the Nike+ app for Android or iPhone from