Nero TuneItUp Optimizes Windows PC for Performance

Nero is a big name in the field of optical disks writing software. If you buy a new DVD or Bluray writer drive for your PC, then chances are high that you would receive some sort of licensed copy of the Nero Burning software. Now Nero is adventuring into the utility software market by launching a new software called Nero TuneItUp. This new software aims to clean up junk files, obsolete entries and changes settings in Windows to make it faster and perform better. Nero is offering the TuneItUp software in two versions – free basic version and the paid advanced version.

After the installation Nero TuneItUp, it places an icon in the notification area of the Windows desktop. You can right-click on this icon to access quick setting, launch 1-click maintenance and show the main Nero TuneItUp window. In the quick settings, you can choose which of the items should Nero TuneItUp be monitoring for, e.g., updating drivers, clean up registry, saving power, deleting unnecessary files, updating programs, optimizing Windows services and so on.

Nero TuneItUp

In the main Nero TuneItUp window, you have Basic and Advanced cleaning modes (the Advanced mode features are not available in the free version). In the basic mode offers to clean up Windows registry, unnecessary files, and the web browser history. You are also given some manual tools to remove unwanted programs and manage multimedia data. There is a shortcut to the System Restore offered by Windows too. You might want to create a system restore point before going ahead and cleaning some of the files.

Nero TuneItUp

Conclusion: Nero TuneItUp has ventured into the field of software utilities where there are already some well known and completely free software tools like CCleaner and Clean Master exist. Nero will have to offer much more impressive set of tools to impress the Windows users.

You can download Nero TuneItUp from

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  1. The burning software was great until they added the bloatware, adware and crap to it. Who burns discs anymore?

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