ExperienceIndexOK Displays Experience Index for Windows 10

Everyone who has upgraded from Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10, knows by far that Windows 10 does not really display any experience index in the System Properties window as it used to display in the earlier versions. This could be a little bit of a shock to the people accustomed of vehemently flaunting their computer’s experience index in front of everyone. But now with the help of a freeware called ExperienceIndexOK you can still manage to view the experience index of your PC as determined by Windows System Assessment tool or the WinSAT tool (strangely this Microsoft tool still comes with Windows 10).

ExperienceIndexOK is a portable Windows application that can run without you having to install anything in your Windows PC. This small program can read the data from the assessment file located in the Windows folder. The experience index ratings are shown in exactly the same manner as it was displayed in Windows 7.

If you have upgraded your system hardware (for example, if you have added larger RAM modules, attached a better GPU or switched from HDD to SSD etc.), then you may want to update you system’s experience index rating. For this, you can click on the Re-run the assessment in the ExperienceIndexOK tool which basically runs the WinSAT tool all over again.


The WinSAT tool runs various programs and tests to assess your hardware and recreates new assessment files. ExperienceIndexOK then uses these new files to determine the new experience index rating of your computer system.

Conclusion: ExperienceIndexOK is a small portable utility to display the experience index rating of your PC’s hardware even on the newer versions of Windows. It even allows you to reassess and regenerate the experience index rating in case you have upgraded the hardware of your system.

You can download the ExperienceIndexOK tool from http://www.softwareok.com/?Microsoft/ExperienceIndexOK.