Plane9 Offers Hundreds of 3D Visualizations for Music Playback

When Winamp, the greatest music software player in the history of Windows software development, was still being developed, they were experimenting with new things every single day. One of the things that they were excelling at Winamp was he visualization for the music playback. Visualizations were the real-time generated graphics that are changed based on the music that you play. Soon every other media player adopted these new exciting features. Now even though Winamp developers have closed their shop, you can still enjoy the music playback visualizations using the free Plane9 software.

During the installation, Plane9 installs plug-ins for both Winamp and Windows Media Player as these are the two media players with largest fan followings. In addition, it also installs a screen-saver in Windows that can show the visualization demos for your eyes’ pleasure. Of course, you are free to de-select any of these components during the installation of Plane9.

Plane9 Visualization

Once the installation is over, you can launch it directly from the Start Menu shortcut or from the media players by selecting the Plane9 VR plugin. In the configuration settings, you can choose which of the scenes you want to use for the visualizations. Plane9 comes with over 250 different beautiful scenes that can be selected. Moreover, it comes with 37 different transitions when it switches from one scene to another. It supports multi-monitors, so if you have more than one monitors hooked up to your PC then it can show the visualizations in them all.

Plane9 Visualization

Even when in the standalone mode (not launched from Windows Media Player or Winamp), it can display the real-time generated visualizations as it stays sensitive to the sound currently being played on your system whether it is from SoundCloud, iTunes or Spotify. What’s more, it can even react to the sound that you record using your microphone attached to your PC.

Plane9 Visualization

You can download Plane9 from


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