Phone Battery Discharging Very Fast? Recalibrate the Battery in Android

After updating to the new Lollipop ROM in my Android phone, I saw something strange – the phone battery will suddenly die out in the middle of a phone call. Now it was 45% charged and the next second it would be depleted of all the charge. At first I thought the battery has gone bad, and I actually spent money on buying a new compatible battery from eBay. But the new battery only proved that something was wrong in the phone itself. So after a research I discovered the problem was in the faulty “batterystats.bin” file. This file must be regenerated so that phone knows of the current battery charge status in the right manner.

There is an app called Battery Calibration that can help you do that easily. This app requires that you have a rooted Android phone. If you do not know how to root your Android phone, then you can make use of the Root Genius software to root any Android phone from the comfort of your PC.

After installing the Battery Calibration tool, launch it and plug-in your battery charger to the phone. This shall start charging the battery in your phone. While the battery is being charged, you can do something else or just relax and listen to your favorite music. When the battery gets fully charged (100%), then you would hear a tone from your phone. Now you have to tap on the button labeled Battery Calibration. This will delete the older “batterystats.bin” file and create a new file in its place.

Battery Calibration

Now your battery should not discharge suddenly or too soon. It should work longer than before. If you still face the same problems of your battery being discharged too soon, then perhaps you need to update the ROM released by your device manufacturer.

You can get the Battery Calibration app for Android from