Stay Anonymous on the Internet with RocketVPN for Android

There are more than one lawfully valid reasons for become anonymous using a VPN service on the internet, for a little while at least. For one, it might help you visit the sites that you might not be able to access due to network problems. By changing the IP address through the VPN, you are accessing such sites through a different route and it can actually help access those sites much faster. If you are an Android phone owner, then you can try your hand at anonymity using the free RocketVPN app which allows 500 MB of free data per month.

As soon as you install the RocketVPN app in Android, it goes to work right away. The app connects you to the nearest or the best VPN servers depending on your location. The connection is secure and data is encrypted. Your virtual location is shown is displayed in the app too. You can actually launch the various apps like Chrome, GMail etc., from the RocketVPN interface.

RocketVPN for Android

If you scroll down a little it displays the virtual location assigned to you through VPN server on a world map. The monthly data usage is also shown – the total data in your RocketVPN account, total data you have used and the amount of data usage still remaining. You can touch on the name of the virtual location on the top to change it to some other location. It allows you to connect to various VPN server all over the world.

RocketVPN for Android

When you are done using the VPN server, you can disconnect the VPN server from either the RocketVPN app interface or by pulling down the Android notification bar, touching on the VPN notice and then finally touching the Disconnect button.

RocketVPN for Android

Verdict: RocketVPN is a decent VPN service for Android. Even though the free version keeps bombarding your screen with ads now and then, it works flawlessly and allows a number of VPN server locations all across the world.

You can get the RocketVPN app for Android from