RadioTuna : Enjoy Online Radio in your Windows PC

In my school days, whenever I had to work late at night on projects writing those lengthy reports, I used to keep myself amused by listening to radio shows – comedy, news, talk shows or good old music. Back then I had a portable radio set that my grandfather gifted me once on the Christmas day. Now that radio does not work anymore, habitually I keep listening to the radio on various online stations. If you are also into listening to radio stations, then perhaps you may want to have a look at RadioTuna application for Windows PC.

While some other media players like Winamp add online radio stations just as another feature, RadioTune is a program designed specially for listening to online radio stations in Windows. It opens up in a nice looking interface where you can choose the genre of radio stations to start listening to radio stations available. As soon as you pick any of the genres, it automatically tunes to one of the radio stations under that genre.


You can go back and forth to various radio stations in that genre by clicking on the left and right arrow buttons. If you like any of the radio stations, you can store in the presets by clicking on the store station button. Like in the classic car stereos, it comes with ten different presets that you can choose to store your favorite radio stations.


In the settings for RadioTuna, you can choose the audio device, audio buffer size (which defines how much of the stream is downloaded before it starts to play), enable tray notifications or enable hotkeys. When the RadioTuna is minimized to the system tray, you can pause, stop or switch radio stations by right-clicking on the Radio Tuna icon.


Verdict: Radio Tuna is a powerful online radio station tuner that allows you to listen to carefully selected great radio stations worldwide. It offers more than 300 genres and even more radio stations for your listening pleasure.

You can download RadioTune from