TapinRadio : Online Radio Player for Windows

Many teenagers these days have no idea about the fun they can have while listening to some good radio stations. The radio listening experience is much more enhanced especially when the radio jockeys or news anchors promote engagement of the listeners’ through phone-ins or social networking services. And the best part of listening to radio stations is that you can listen to radio along with doing office work or household chores. I personally listen to some of the informative and entertaining radio stations every day while doing work at office or home. This keeps me both entertained and motivated throughout the day. Not to mention how effective this habit is in preventing the boredom of the monotonous routine work life.

Personally, I listen to radio stations not through the FM payer of my smart-phone but through the some online radio player apps on my PC. One of these apps that I have just discovered is TapinRadio. The quality of sound and extensive radio stations list alone is enough to impress in the TapinRadio program which is available only for Windows based computers.

TapinRadio offers to create a portable installation during the setup which is great if you want to carry TapinRadio everywhere with you in your USB flash drive. After you launch the application, you have to search for a radio station and it will list all the matching stations. Then you can just double-click on any of the stations for your listening pleasure. You can add your more frequently listened radio stations in the favorite list so that you do not have to search for them again and again.


TapinRadio also comes with a recording feature which can intelligently record the sound currently being played and splits various programs or tracks into different MP3 files automatically. But you can also record everything in one long MP3 file if that is what you desire.

Conclusion: All in all, TapinRadio is a very impressive and feature loaded internet radio player for Windows. It has an extensive radio station list covering thousands of stations from all over the world.

You can download TapinRadio from http://www.raimersoft.com/downloads.aspx.