Type in the Spirit of Holidays with Holidays Fonts Pack

In this year’s holiday season, get a little stylish in the email messages or other personal documents that you share with friends or family by dropping the use of dull official fonts that Windows comes with. Instead, you should use the more fun filled, beautiful and season fonts available online. These fonts can bring smile to your loved ones’ faces when they open and read the messages, letters, or other documents. And if you are into designing your own greetings cards, then these fonts can really add a little bit extra of that joyous feeling that this time of the year usually instills in all of us.

The holidays fonts pack contains both the regular fonts and dingbats (fonts that contains symbols). You should extract the contents of the downloaded archive file to a folder on your hard disk. Then you can just double-click on any of these fonts to see how they look like. In the window that shows the font preview, you will find an Install button. If you like a font, then you can just click on this Install button to install it in Windows.

Holidays Fonts Pack

Once installed, these fonts shall be available for use in all the applications including text editors like Microsoft Word or Libre Office Writer and the graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Microsoft Paint, Paint.net etc.

However, if you do not want to install these fonts, but still want to use them in your graphics designs, then you can use our Font Loader application to load these fonts temporarily. This application loads the fonts into memory only for a single Windows session.

You can download the Holidays Fonts Pack from https://app.box.com/s/pcoimmv783b1gg79br7ptgwndl2qa5zk.