Bring Rainbow Colors in Firefox with Colorful Tabs Extension

When using a desktop or notebook computer, you can change the OS theme and the desktop wallpaper to add some eye candy for the user. But you are not limited to making changes to the operating system only. You can easily make various other applications look better too. For example, you can customize any web browser like Firefox that allows installation of extensions. If you want to add some colors to your Firefox web browser then you can try the Colorful Tabs extension for Firefox. What this extension does is that it simply adds randomly selected colors to various tabs. How it chooses the colors, which colors should be picked and other things can be easily configured from the extension settings.

Immediately after the Colorful Tabs extension is installed, it randomly assigns some colors to each and every open tab. If you open a new tab, then it is also given a new color. These colored tabs not only enhance Firefox looks, but they also make it easy to identify the tabs when you have dozens of tabs open.

Firefox Colorful Tabs

How it assigns colors to these tabs and which colors are picked, can be controlled via the extension settings. In the settings, you can choose whether it should pick the colors from a pre-defined palette, generate colors at random or generate colors based on the domain names etc. You can also choose to add colors to the tabs that you select – this could be useful if you want to quickly identify a particular tab or a group of tabs.

Firefox Colorful Tabs

Conclusion: Colorful Tabs extension for Firefox changes the otherwise boring tabs into colorful ones making them look a little better and helping the users to easily identify various tabs using the colors.

You can download the Colorful Tabs extension for Firefox from