Cloud VPN : Free Unlimited VPN for Android Phones

When it comes to protecting your online privacy and securing your online data traffic, everyone thinks of VPN services. A VPN server acts like a proxy through which you connect to the internet. Since you are masking your real IP address behind that of the VPN server, you become anonymous on the internet. But VPN servers are either limited in terms of monthly data usage or they cost a lot of money. There are many free VPN servers, but care must be taken as they may route your internet traffic through compromised or malicious servers. If you are looking for a relatively safer, free and unlimited VPN service for your Android phone, then you can use the Cloud VPN app for Android.

Cloud VPN claims to provide you free and unlimited VPN service without any hiccups. You can install the CloudVPN app in Android to protect your online privacy and become a little bit more secure on the internet. The app itself is hassle free as you can start the VPN connection just by tapping on the big circular green button.

Cloud VPN for Android

If you try to connect to the VPN without selecting any servers then the app will choose the best possible app available for you. But there are always many options to choose in terms of the VPN server locations. You can choose the VPN server locations from France, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.

Once a connection has been established, it takes you to a screen displaying all the apps that can make use of the VPN server like Chrome, Firefox, and other web browsers. You can always check your new IP address by visiting the website.

Cloud VPN for Android

Conclusion: Cloud VPN is one-touch VPN service for Android devices. It provides you with an unhindered, unlimited and free VPN service.

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