Capture Screen with TechSmith SnagIt for Chrome

TechSmith is a well known company for producing high-quality software for capturing and editing the desktop activity into videos and images. Now they have released a Chrome extension that can help you do the same from the comfort of your Chrome web browser. TechSmith extension for Chrome can capture a region of a web page or whole of the web page, allows you to add some annotations to the captured images and upload them to your Google Drive account.

After you have installed the TechSmith SnagIt extension for Chrome, you can quickly open a web page and then click on the SnagIt icon in the Chrome toolbar to see all that it offers. You can capture an image of a selected region, visible web page area, or whole web page to its full length. You can also capture the video of any open window in your Windows desktop.

SnagIt extension requires that you have logged in to your Google account in the Chrome browser before you can start capturing images or videos. This is because it syncs the captured items to your Google account during the editing process.

TechSmith SnagIt Extension for Chrome

Once you have captured an image using the SnagIt extension, you are taken to the editing screen which allows some very basic drawings and annotations. You can add text, arrows, circles and rectangles on the images in four different colors. Once ready, you can save the edited image to your Google Drive account, share the link or download it your local disk.

TechSmith SnagIt Extension for Chrome

The video capture feature lets you record any screen activity from any of the open windows on the screen. You are shown all the windows that you can record into a video. You can record even the full screen desktop activity using the SnagIt extension. Once captured, you can choose to post it on your YouTube account, save it in Google Drive account or save it on the local disk.

TechSmith SnagIt extension is a really handy tool for the Chrome users if they want to capture and share the screen activities with other users. It can be very useful to post instructional videos on your YouTube account.

You can get the TechSmith SnagIt extension for Chrome from